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How to prepare your journey in Burma


Everything is changing in Burma or Myanmar country. This is why you will find many people choosing to go for Burma tour. However, you have to do a proper research before you choose to visit this country.


If you want to enjoy Myanmar tour between tourist destinations, you can use the buses but you have to book for the bus a day before your actual journey. If you do not know how to go about this, you may ask the help of the independent travel agents or the guesthouse where you stay.


Your Myanmar tour will not be completed if you do not visit Buddhist temples with monasteries that are all around the countryside and cities. Take time to visit Shwe in Yangon, Bagan in three old capitals and Mandalay. You should also never miss to visit In Lake.


If you are doing Myanmar travel in this country, you can hire a horse, a cart or a bike to reach ancient temples and sandy lanes.  The accommodation price in the area are increasing on daily basis, however you can still find affordable places where you can stay. Other things such as travel drink and food prices are not on the rise.


If you want to do Burma tour in the area during the peak season such as January or February, you may have to book for the accommodation before you travel to the country. If your SIM card cannot work, you may use the public phone or guesthouse lobby phone. The residential style phones may be found in the shops and street side tables.

If you want to use cash in during your Myanmar travel agency, you have to ensure that your dollars have no marks, no tear and no folds. You can also change your money in the black market, but be aware that this is a risk venture and you can be conned easily.